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Jesteśmy wyłącznym dystrybutorem w Polsce włoskiej marki mebli biurowych Sinetica, siedzisk Sitland oraz wyposażenia Jesse. 

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“Our world, life and communities change every day. Family homes and community environments become multi-purpose, both personal and shared. ‘Smart your life’ encapsulates our vision, our interpretation of authentic Italian skills and lifestyle.”

Gianmaria Mezzalira MIG announces the acquisition of Sitland, Italian company leader in the field of design seating.

Smart Design for Smart People

Sinetica Industries has re-invented the concept of office furniture with its collections of ergonomic chairs, meeting tables, desks and units for modern workplaces;

designer creations that overturn the traditional paradigms for office décor and exploit technological innovations to provide modular structures suitable for today’s world of work.

Our projects modify operational and executive space to provide the flexibility required to compete on international markets and effectively adapt to users’ needs.  This is what we mean by smart office decor.

Sitland, a company founded in 1977 in Vicenza, produces seating for the office, the community, multifunctional, sofas and armchairs for contract and waiting areas or for the house, armchairs for auditorium and theatres, as well as collections of furnishing accessories such as poufs and design tables.

The production is 100% made in Italy, in the same place where the company was founded in the early twentieth century and where the headquarters, the faactory and the showroom are always located. The inspiration draws however from ideas coming from the major European and American cities.

The way we work, attentive to detail, elegance and modernity, forms the basis of our growth. We chose to be global and international also in the distribution, that’s why we are present with numerous showrooms worldwide and with flagship stores especially in the US.

The history of Rotaliana is the history of an ancient territory, steeped in tradition, beauty and mystery. In this territory, nature and human talent have come together and challenged each other for centuries in the continuous pursuit of a balance of light and shade through deep gorges and clear waters.

Since 1989, this history has placed the spotlight of Rotaliana Srl on new requirements in design and people’s wellbeing, initially in its own territory and then quickly spreading to beyond national borders.

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